How often do you update your online shop?

Approximately 4 times a year.   I send out an email the week before with the date and time of the sale.  I also post the information on my Instagram page.


How can I be sure to receive notice of your shop update?

Please sign up for my mailing list.  You can do this thru my website or blog.


Can I order something I’ve seen on your website, blog or online shop?

No, I’m sorry. Every piece is a one of a kind.


Can I buy your work thru retail shops?

 No. I only sell thru my online shop.


Do you wholesale?

I do not. I make my work in small batches. I only make enough work for my online shop and private collectors.


Do you take custom orders?

I do not. For me the joy is in the process of making, and experimenting, which does not lend itself to custom orders.


Will you make dinnerware for restaurants?

I have. I will consider requests for a small quantiy of pieces if a chef, or designer, is interested in one of kind pieces with a variety of shapes, sizes and glazing.